Eden Energy Medicine & Art as Healing

Kandra Orr

Kandra Orr is a Clinical Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Registered Art Therapist, Intuitive Consultant,  Artist and Art Instructor.  She is also a SoulCollage facilitator.


My Path

 As a proponent of the Art as Healing movement, Kandra enjoys assisting people in finding healing through creativity and energy work. Eden Energy Medicine utilizes techniques from several ancient Eastern and Native American healing traditions.  Balance and harmony can be restored and maintained within the body by practicing simple EEM techniques.

As an intuitive consultant for several decades, Kandra supports clients in accessing deeper guidance. Kandra facilitates workshops and retreats in art, energy work, intuitive development, meditation and spirituality.  She is also an ordained minister with the The Living Light Center Church of Faith and Healing.


MBA, Pace University

MS, Art Therapy, College of New Rochelle

EEM-CP, Eden Energy Medicine, Clinical Practitioner 2014

A life-long student of metaphysics, intuitive development, and creativity.